Main Female Suspect Accused of Stabbing Popular Montego Bay Journalist, Taken into Custody

A St James woman who the police say was being sought as a prime suspect, in connection with the stabbing of popular St James, photojournalist, Allan Lewin, was apprehended at a location in the parish on Saturday, April 6.

The investigators further stated that the name of the accused woman is being withheld, as she will be placed before an identification parade, and then criminal charges will be laid against her.

Popular photojournalist, Allan Lewin, was stabbed almost to death by three female, on the steps of the Montego Bay Court House, on June 1, 2018.

Janet Silvera visits Alan Lewin

Following the incident, Lewin was admitted to the Falmouth hospital in critical condition for several weeks, after the stab wounds narrowly missed his heart.

The Barnett Street police launched an investigation into the incident and later managed to apprehend one of the accused females in the Norwood community.

The police related that a third woman is still on the run, but they were successful in apprehending the mastermind behind the stabbing incident on the weekend.

Allan Lewin has been submitting articles and photos to the Western Mirror newspaper since the past 20 years. He was also a major contributor to the Jamaica Observer newspaper for several years and this online news website Mckoy’s News.

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