Life Pak Wellness Centre

Life Pak Wellness Centre  is a multipurpose clinic facility . We offer a variety of medical services. We have two types of doctors at our clinic.

General Practitioner offers the following services:
  • General check up
  • Foot detoxification
  • Full body scan
  • Asthma treatment including nebulization
  • Dressing
  • Wound Suturing/Stitching
  • Urine test and pregnancy test
  • Massage and physiotherapy
  • Oxygen therapy for sinus problems
  • Ear syringing
  • Urethral Catheterization
  • Prostate check
  • Heart test/ ECG
  • Diet plans
  • Blood tests
  • Blood count
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar
  • HIV, syphilis

Naturopathic Specialist (Natural and Herbal doctor)

Come and see the naturopathic doctor. Get treatment with only Natural and Herbal medicine and therapies. All products are made from only natural ingredients including a variety of Jamaican herbs.

We do a wide range of naturopathic treatment plans for all chronic illnesses. All treatments are made uniquely for the patient and include diet plans, exercise advise, emotional and stress relief advise and natural and herbal medicines as required. Some of the diseases we treat include:Cancer—all types, Hypertension, Diabetes, Gallstones, Fibroids, Prostate  problems including bph (enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer,  Poor erection, Hormone problems, Heart problems and poor circulation, Stroke, Kidney problems and kidney stones, Digestive issues including ulcers, gastritis and reflux, Stress, Brain and nerve problems, Lung and breathing problems.


  • Bedroom Extender – for better, stronger Erections
  • Gallstone Flush – for gallstone removal
  • Detoxification – to clean and rejuvenate the body
  • Parasite Cleanser – to get rid of worms, fungus, bacteria and viruses
  • Lymphatic Flush – strengthen the immune system
  • Kidney Flush – remove kidney stones and strengthen the kidneys
  • Lifeline Rub – relief for colds and chest infection
  • Cancer Formula – helps to heal all forms of cancer
  • Diabetes Formula – helps to reverse diabetes
  • Hypertension Formula – helps to reverse hypertension
  • Brain Nerve Health – improves nerve problems, brain function and memory
  • Immune Health– Boost the immune system
  • Digestive Health—Improves digestive issues including gastritis , reflux and ulcers
  • Prostate Health – For all prostate related problems
  • Oral Chelation – For poor circulation and heart problems

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