Letter to the Editor – Tomlinson’s Pride Filled Conquest

The culture war is on, and the prime aggressors are LGBT Activists who see no limits to their destructive and intolerant agenda. Maurice Tomlinson, LGBT Super Don, has had related lawsuits in St. Vincent, Trinidad, Barbados and now a third court case in Jamaica, not counting his IACHR same sex marriage case. He has now sued Mayor Davis for daring to deny MobayPride, Tomlinson’s group, the use of the culture centre on Heroes Weekend to push same sex marriage. A comment on the Gleaner article on facebook put it in perspective: “Pushing their agenda down people’s throats. They are pushing that line further and further here in the states. They are going into pre k classrooms, without parental consent , and pushing it there. Better put a stop to it before it gets out of control like it is here.”

(Subtitle) Where will it stop?
Every western society is at risk for complete invasion and submission as the LGBT Agenda never voluntary stops! No location is out of bounds. If not the plot of ground upon which Sam Sharpe died, then not the school, and not the church. And every country should be legally forced to accept deviant behaviours as normal. No form of dissent is tolerated, not even academic dissent with a history of professional care, just ask Professor Brendan Bain. When it comes to these LGBT conquistadors, the nice guys, no matter how polite and caring, finish last. Mayor Davis gracefully asked that they use a different location, because of the purpose and cultural sacredness of the building. Instead of humbly seeking another location, cooperating with a reasonable request for cultural sensitivity, Tomlinson’s Pride has decided to strong arm the country. Even if he wins every single case, he will never win the people, who all together pray- keep us free from evil powers.

Dr. Daniel Thomas
Love March Movement



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