Jamaican Kingping Lottery Scam Mother Enters Guilty Plea in USA

North Dakota, United States (Mckoy’s News)Kingping Lottery Scam Mother: Mother of Jamaican lottery scam kingpin will enter a guilty plea guilty on Wednesday Dec. 6 in the lottery scamming claim against her. U.S. prosecutors say the lottery scheme operated out of the mansion that Dahlia Hunter and her son shared in Kingston, Jamaica, bilking about 90 Americans out of more than US$5.7 million.

Mother of Lavrick Willock, Dahlia Hunter is among 27 Jamaicans accused of operating a lottery scamming ring which called victims in the United States about fake lottery winnings, persuading them to send  fees to receive their winnings, then pocketing the money. Federal investigations into the operation began in 2011 when a woman to  reported to authorities, after loosing her life savings of more than US$300,000.

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Hunter , the kingping lottery scam mother will plead guilty to conspiracy. The plea deal includes U.S. prosecutors dropping  dozens of fraud and money laundering counts.

Willocks is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty in July; his girlfriend, Kimberly Hudson, plead guilty in November.

According to Laverick Willocks sworn statement to US District Judge Daniel Hovland during his plea hearing, he got involved in lottery scams in October 2009 after returning to Jamaica from the US, where he acquired a college degree and that he wanted to help his mother out of her financial problems.

There are 15 suspects of the 27, which includes Jamaican police Constable Jason Jahalal, left to be prosecuted in Bismarck North Dakota. Two of the 15 are still fugitives in Jamaica.

Four suspects who did not accept a plea deal will stand trial January 2018, North Dakota.

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Photo: Associated Press

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