LASCO Financial Service - Now LASCO MONEY

LASCO Financial Service – Now LASCO MONEY

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) LASCO Financial Service – Now LASCO MONEY: LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL) has grouped all its services under one brand to create a one stop financial store.

Lasco Financial Service Limited (LFSL) is now under a new “umbrella” brand named Lasco Money, which changes their stores into a one stop location. The company is consolidating how their customer receive services with the new Lasco Money “one stop” store.

LASCO Financial Service - Now LASCO MONEY

The new brand Lasco Money will still include services such as: “Cambio, MoneyGram, LFSL Loans, Bill Payments, et. cetera. Instead of going to separate locations, for various services, customers can now conduct all their services in one location by visiting one Lasco Money location.

In a public release Nicolene Donaldson, Marketing Manager of LASCO Finacial Services Limited, states that “Lasco Money” will stream line the LFSL business operation :

“We are merely simplifying money matters for our customers, Our Lasco Money stores offer a myriad of services. There is no need to receive your remittance at one place, change your foreign exchange at another, then go somewhere else to pay bills.” stated Donaldson

Nicolene Donaldson informs the public that, with the Lasco Money brand launch, the company is promoting a rewards campaign: offering all MoneyGram customers discounts on goods and services to be redeemed at participating merchants island wide.

Lasco Financial Services Limited is listed on the Jamaica Junior Stock Exchange since 2010; and prides its primary business objective with providing its customers with a trustworthy network of financial service providers and branches. Thus, enabling them to conduct money transfer, money exchange, pay bills, and access loans conveniently.

LASCO Financial Service – Now LASCO MONEY

Lasco Money Locations
» RED HILLS ROAD | MoneyGram, Loans, FX Cash, Bill Payments
» PAPINE | MoneyGram, FX cash, Bill Payments
» DUHANEY PARK | MoneyGram, FX cash, Bill Payments
» OCHO RIOS | MoneyGram, FX cash, Bill Payments
» PORT ANTONIO | MoneyGram, FX cash
» Montego Bay | MoneyGram, FX Cash

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