KPMG Squash League Back on Court

The Jamaica Squash Association launched the KPMG Squash League which is back on court for the first time since it was cancelled mid-season in 2020 during the Covin-d-19 pandemic. Tarun Handa, senior partner at title sponsor KPMG handed over a sponsorship checque for $500,000 for the sixteen team, six-week league which will run from February 28 to March 14. The launched was held at the association’s home base at the Liguanea Club in Kingston on Tuesday.

President of the Jamaica Squash Association Karen Anderson, welcomed the return of the league while explaining how it will be conducted. “The league runs for about six weeks. They play Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you play Tuesday you don’t play Thursday. You really only play once a week and if you play Thursday you wouldn’t have played Tuesday. Its four-person teams but only three persons play at any given time. We have two venues, Liguanea Club and UWI SCR (Senior Common Room on campus) which is a venue we are re-introducing to the league. For the last few years we have only been at Liguanea Club. We are excited. It’s at least 64, almost 70 people who are playing. It’s just exciting times when the league is on.”

She said that because the league will be using a handicap system, the teams will be competing on a comparatively even basis which will lead to very competitive matches. A handicap is a system used to even out the playing field between players of different skill levels. Matches will be played to 21 points to determine the set winner.

She also said that Advantage General with two or three national players and Cereal Killers which is made up only juniors are expected to challenge for the top spot.

According to KPMG’s senior partner, Tarun Handa who spoke at the launch “Squash is an under-served sport so we chose it and made it ours and it makes sense. We have got great partners with the Jamaica Squash Association and the Liguanea Club and they are good ingredients for success so we keep coming back.”

He spoke about KPMG’s expectation for the league at this time. “I am looking for a rejuvenation of interest in the game. I am looking at more young people playing. Overall the tournament exemplifies the same values KPMG does (and) fair play is one of them and that’s what it’s all about.”

Fifteen year old player Mehar Trehan is a junior national representative who is looking forward to the opportunity to improve on her game. “My expectations for this tournament are definitely quite high for myself. I want to be able to perform well while enjoying myself. I think this is a good opportunity to have a team bonding time especially because this is a team activity as well as just work on my own squash and work on my own technique.”

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