Kitson Town Seventh Day Adventist Church


St Catherine, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Members of The Kitson Town Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kitson Town, St Catherine went to worship on their Sabbath, Saturday 13, but realized the Church was broken into.

According to an Elder at the Church, robbers broke through a grilled door and left with a television set, speaker boxes and a number audio visual equipment totaling about J$1 Million.

The Kitson Town S.D.A informed Mckoy’s News that this was the fifth time that the Church has been robbed.

Some of the equipment stolen included pieces of equipment used to transmit services via the Internet.  One member informed us that the Church has been very helpful in the community; providing food for the poor and an evening school to help all members in the community.

Although worship service was held on Saturday, the Church is calling on residents; who saw what happened to report the matter to the police immediately.

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