King Street Fire

Montego Bay, St. James (McKoy’s News) – King Street Fire: A huge crowd  gathered at Union and King Street on Friday night at the scene where a large fire damaged an old abandon building at the intersection of King And Union Street in Montego Bay.

The King Street fire was so large that it could be seen from a far distant in the city on Friday night September 1. Four fire units from the Montego Bay Fire Department put out the blaze.

The citizens cursed the fire department for the length of time they took to come to the scene which is about three miles from where the fire station is located. ‘If it was anything more dangerous to save lives the firemen would be too late, them take too long to come to the scene, the government must do something better to make the fire fighting system more  reliable’,said an irate citizen who claimed to be at the venue for 20  minutes before the fire truck arrived.

The building was unoccupied at the moment but was once a popular meat shop and a Tailor shop in the 90’s. The estimate of the damaged could not be ascertained at press time.


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