JLP voter support is double that of PNP — Poll

JLP voter support is double that of PNP -- Poll
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The latest Bill Johnson poll shows the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is leading the People’s National Party (PNP) by a margin of two to 1 (2:1) in voter support. Pollster Bill Johnson in presenting the latest poll numbers on Mello TV said the results of the latest poll show the “PNP is in a deep hole”, as the General Elections draw closer.

Asked who they would vote for in elections 38% said JLP, 19% said PNP and 20% were undecided. Twenty-two percent said they would not vote.

Johnson points out that even among people who voted for the PNP in the 2016 elections, the party has lost support at this time. Only 58% of those who support the PNP in 2016 said they would vote for the PNP and 13% said they would vote for the JLP. Another 17% of PNP supporters were undecided and 12% will not vote. Johnson points out that the PNP could therefore not count on 25 percent who voted for them in 2016.

On the other hand, 81% of JLP 2016 voters would vote for that Party in the next elections and only 1% would switch to the PNP and 8% would not vote.

The findings presented Wednesday night represented the last in a stack of favourable results from the June 2020 survey, for the JLP and bad or very bad findings for the PNP in the polls presented on Mello TV.

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