JCF Cops 2018 United Way ‘Most Outstanding Employee-Giving Organisation’ Award

Jamaica News: The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has, for the 10th year, copped the United Way of Jamaica’s (UWJ) Most Outstanding Employee-Giving Organisation Award, which it landed for 2018.

The JCF received the coveted award, among other prizes, for contributing to the UWJ’s work through salary deductions from over 7,000 policemen and women.

The National Police College of Jamaica (NPCJ) was awarded a Gold medal for being adjudged the Most Outstanding Giving Organisation.

Woman Inspector Barbara Robinson, who is attached to the NPJ, received a Gold medal for being the Most Outstanding Employee Giving Coordinator, while Constables Tariq McAllister and Omar Williams were also recognised for being exemplary donors.

The awards and prizes were presented during UWJ’s 2019 Nation Builders and Employees Awards ceremony, held recently at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.

Inspector Robinson told JIS News that the JCF’s members are seized of the need to give-back, noting that “they have been responding to the call… and have contributed well”.

“United Way of Jamaica does excellent work in the communities… [in particular] they have contributed significantly to early childhood education,” she said, while encouraging other groups and individuals to assist the organisation.

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Dr. Robert Chen who, again, got the award for Highest Individual Donor, said his unwavering dedication to supporting the UWJ for over 10 years is in keeping with a family tradition to give, while emphasising the need for more people to do likewise.

“We didn’t get here by ourselves… people helped us to get here. So you have to give back. If we give more, it will benefit Jamaica in every way,” he told JIS News.

Carreras Limited received the award for the Highest Corporate Donor, and the company’s Finance Director, Janene Shaw, said she anticipates an ongoing and fruitful successful partnership, “as we continue to support the United Way in its operations, particularly in nation building”.

In lauding United Way, Director for Sector Support at the Early Childhood Commission (ECC), Nordia Seymour Hall, said, in recent years, the organisation has helped to train over 390 teachers across 80 early childhood institutions (ECIs), improved safety at 56 schools in nine parishes, and provided grant funding for six of the most at-risk ECIs in five parishes.

Meanwhile, guest speaker, and British High Commissioner to Jamaica, His Excellency Asif Ahmad, said UWJ is making a “real difference” to people in need.

He described the organisation as “good people doing good things’, adding that the contributions of civic-minded persons and organizations enable United Way “to do far more than what each of us as individuals could achieve”.

Meanwhile, UWJ Chair, Dr. Marcia Forbes, said the organisation’s primary focus is providing funding support for projects that will “enhance the development of communities in Jamaica and better the lives of people who live or work in those communities”.

She indicated that the UWJ, which supports at-risk youth in several communities, is looking to establish a homework centre at its offices in downtown Kingston as also stage fund-raising events to offset some of the operational costs.

A donor management system is also being developed to improve coordination with contributors.


Source: JIS News

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