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Jamaica’s and St James MOST wanted, Nico aka “Bowza”, , “Shabba” “Brutus” reign of terror was stopped

Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay: Jamaica’s and St James Most wanted, Nico aka “Bowza”, “Shabba” “Brutus” reign of terror was stopped short just over four hours ago, when he and gang members engaged the police in a  daytime, blaze of rapid gunfire, in the commercial & residential area of Ironshore , Montego Bay.

According to eyes witnesses, Bowza also entered private property, where he held person hostage challenging the security forces in a battle of kill or be killed.

Samuels whose hails from the Barrett Town District, Jenkins corner,  an area that had resident paralyzed by terror, was a member of the Bowza gang, which has twenty-five members and the Ski masked gang. This same gang was responsible for shooting and burning Bowza’s mother to death and shooting his grandmother, in a bid to catch him.

The Ski Masked gang Members also challenged the joint military team in January 2017, the police returned the fire 5 men were pronounced dead at the Goodwill community, St James.

Bowza has been wanted for a number of shootings including murders of a mother and her two sons, who resided in the same area Bowza lived. Residents living in the communities of Barrett Town and Lilliput, can breathe a sigh of relief as this notorious killer and some of members of his gang have been stopped.

It is also reported that police officers were shot and injured during the shootings.

Persons on the seen who recorded the blatant drama, commented that “this is world war” as the gunmen held siege to the property where that carried out the rampant act.


Jackie Chan Reporting for Mckoy’s News

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