Jamaicans Encouraged to Bring Ideas to Science and Technology Commission

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Jamaica News: Director General at the National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST), Professor Errol Morrison, is encouraging Jamaicans to come forward with their innovative ideas.

“Many persons have ideas but are shy to bring them forward, and we want to open up the doors to those who are nurturing new ideas. Come and talk to us at the Commission; we might not have all the answers, but we certainly can find individuals who can assist in the development of any idea,” he said.

Professor Morrison was addressing a Think Tank at the JIS head office in Kingston on Tuesday (November 26).

He noted that the majority of innovations, including those submitted for the National Innovation Awards are coming from average Jamaicans.

“When you think of science, technology and innovation, you may think that the institutions, especially our universities and colleges, would be in the lead in terms of the numbers of submissions.

“However, some 70 per cent of new thinking and offerings in new areas have come from individuals in the private sector or at home who are seeing problems and offering solutions,” he said.
Professor Morrison said he is “quite happy that persons are coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things” and encouraged others to follow suit.

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Meanwhile, he noted the need for funding and support for the growth of research and development in Jamaica.

He said that “every country which has achieved first world status has invested heavily in improving its capacity for science, the understanding of knowledge and technology and innovation”.

Assisting with innovation funding is part of the mandate of the recently formed National Research Fund.

The Fund, an initiative between South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) and the NCST, provides support for joint research activities in specific fields.

Professor Morrison said that for the winners and finalists in the National Innovation Awards, as well as other innovators who contact the NCST, efforts will be made to assist them with funding or match them with funders.

Chris Dehring of Ready TV, who was named Innovator for 2018, said that in order for innovations to become successful, more support is needed, particularly from the media.


Source: JIS News

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