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Jamaican Wins Queen Elizabeth Young Leaders Award 2018!

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Queens Young Leaders Award: Past Junior Mayor of Montego Bay, Aubrey Stewart, is one of the winners of the list of young leaders worldwide receiving The Queens Young Leaders Award 2018.

Aubrey Stewart, introduced president Obama during his 2015 visit to Jamaica. He supports and motivates young people to bring about positive changes to their lives and those of others. He is the founder of the Youth Organisation for Upliftment, which provides a space where young people can come together and make a difference in their community.

Since its establishment in 2009, the organisation has run a number of campaigns, including The Crime Out Campaign, a youth-led peace movement which inspired young people to speak out against violence. In his current role as country co-ordinator for the RuJohn Foundation in Jamaica, Aubrey helps provide underprivileged schools and students with resources such as computers, school lunches and sporting equipment. It also arranges yearly activities like celebrity sports camps and acting workshops.

In addition, Aubrey, 24-year-old serves as chairman for the Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica, which represents young people in policy making and he is a Jamaica House Fellow where he works with senior officials at the Office of the Prime Minister to contribute to national development. He is also a youth embassador for the Le Antonio’s Foundation, End Bullying Globally initiative.

Stewart will travel to London with the other winners to receive the award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in 2018.

The Queen’s Young Leaders Award program was created in 2014 by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, The Royal Commonwealth Society, and the Institute of Continuing Education at Cambridge University. It was developed by Prince William and Prince Harry to recognize Queen Elizabeth’s lifetime of service to the Commonwealth.

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