Jamaican Extradited – DNA Linked Him to 1990 Murder – Full Story

Mountainside, St. Andrew (Mckoy’s News) – The long arm of the law closed the 1990 murder case of a Florida woman who was shot execution style in her home by a cleaned shaved, thin mustache, now known to be Jamaican man – who knocked on her door, well dressed in church pants, leather shoes, and white pinstripe dress shirt, carrying a black briefcase.

Mercedes Perez was at home in her South Beach apartment on September 21, 1990, with her high school friend who was visiting from New Jersey, when around 1 pm a well-dressed stranger with a black briefcase knocked on her door, asking for the phone number of the manager of the apartment complex.

Perez left the man at the door, still opened, she went to her bedroom to get the number – on her way back from her bedroom she steered into the face of a killer and a pointed handgun.

Police say he then forced Mercedes Perez into her bedroom, shot and killed her.

Reports are that the killer next forced her friend into a bathroom, raping her at gunpoint, while asking her about money – before ransacking the apartment, locking her in a closet and escaping.

Case Solved

According to the police, the heartless murder and rape is now solved. The case seemed cold, as police received many leads but no arrest since 1990. But thanks to DNA, and a later US conviction of the suspect, which caused the accused DNA to be stored by the American justice system – the accused killer will now stand trial for the brutal attacks.

1990 murder Accused killer, 53 -year-old Dale Ewers, also a former South Beach resident who lived near the home of the victims in 1990 is now in the custody of the US government after he was captured in Mountainside, Jamaica – a residential community in St. Andrew, near Kingston.

Ewers was deported home to Jamaica in October 2008 after serving time in the US for a Massachusetts burglary and stolen property. The conviction pointed the Miami Beach Police to the killer, as his collected DNA while serving time in prison was a match in the 1990 crime.

In 2012 the DNA database matched the DNA of Dale Ewers to that which was found at he crime scene of the horrifying murder and rape.

Ewers who have lived in Jamaica since 2008, without return to the US, was indicted of the crimes by a Miami-Dade grand jury in 2013.

Extradition to Miami to Face Charges

But after a long and complicated extradition process from Jamaica, Ewers was arrested in Mountainside, in the parish of St. Andrew. A warrant for Ewers’ arrest was issued in Jamaica October 2016.

Dale Ewers was taken into custody on a separate Jamaican burglary charge.

The Ministry of Justice signed a surrender order after his burglary charge was resolved in December, 2016.

On Wednesday January 18, 2017 – 53 -year-old Dale Ewers was escorted by US federal marshals back to Miami, to face the charges of first-degree murder, armed sexual battery, armed robbery and armed kidnapping in the Miami-Dade circuit court.

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