Jamaican Born Doctor Living in USA Gets Justice

Jamaica News: A Jamaican born medical doctor living in the United States is finally about to receive justice after being falsely accused by a patient.

Two years ago, Dr. Ricardo Quarrie, who was stationed at Yale New Haven Hospital, was publicly accused of lying to cover up a surgical mistake.

However the lawyer who accused Quarrie has recanted. A lawsuit filed by the patient detailed how her seventh rib was removed instead of her eighth rib, and she then had a second surgery to remove the correct rib. She proceeded to accuse Quarrie of lying to her about the reason for the second surgery to cover up the mistake.

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Quarrie says he has no idea why the lawsuit labeled him as telling lies. But now he’s just focused on recovering, both financially and emotionally, from being wrongly accused.

He said he promised not to file a lawsuit as a condition to the recanted statement.

Dr Quarrie said he’s paying an online reputation company nearly $900 a month to help him reclaim his name.

The surgeon said he’s been angry and struggled with periods of depression from being wrongly accused.


By: Mckoy’s News Reporter