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Jamaica, Kingston Top Place to Visit in 2017 – Rated by New York Times

Kingston, Jamaica (McN)The New York Times has an archive of news from Jamaica, dating into the 1800’s. Then, the news was transmitted to the New York Times by cable (a form of telegram) delivery. Ships were the usual overseas transport for cargo or travel, horses had a premium market for sale, and Jamaica had not yet envisioned gaining independence from the outside forces which held the country’s government.

Fast-forward to  2017 and news sources can get the news – on the spot – with just a few buttons on the computer, smart phones, laptop etc.!

Each year the New York Times (one of America’s most respected news source) list the top places to visit, listed in order of rank from 1 to 52. On the New Times chart (count off) of the places to visit in 2017 – Kingston, Jamaica was listed at number 24.

NEW YORK TIMES, January 4, 2017: The capital of Jamaica furthers its case as cultural destination, not just a stopover to the beach. Stay at the Courtyard by Marriott, Kingston’s first new hotel in over a decade, or the SoHo-style Spanish Court Hotel, which has added a second pool, and will open its Montego Bay branch in the summer.

Eat like an Olympic legend at Usain Bolt’s restaurant Tracks & Records, or

Top Place to Visit
Featured Meal at Track & Records: Red Stripe Bear and Barbecue Chicken Wings. Top Place to Visit in Jamaica

… get all things jerk at the latest hot spot Chateau 7 Gourmet Jerk Centre

Top Place to Visit
Chateau 7 Gourmet Jerk Centre. Top Place to Visit


Top Place to Visit
Chateau 7 Gourmet Jerk Centre. Top Place to Visit


Top Place to Visit
Chateau 7 Gourmet Jerk Centre. Top Place to Visit
 Take in old-school reggae at the One World Ska and Rocksteady Music Festival, launched this November; at the newly opened Peter Tosh Museum, honoring the former Wailer; or at one of the dub music parties debuting around the city. And if you still want beach, hop on the freshly completed North-South Highway and arrive in Ocho Rios in under two hours.


New Times also, in an earlier article too a look at Jamaica, Beyond the Beach…

Top Place to Visit
The Rockhouse Hotel, perched on the rocks in Negril. Credit Robert Rausch for The New York Time

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