Jamaica Interested In Hosting Indian Institute Of Technology

Jamaica Interested In Hosting Indian Institute Of Technology

President of the Republic of India, His Excellency, the Hon. Ram Nath Kovind, says Jamaica has expressed interest in hosting an Indian Institute of Technology.

He noted that under its 2020 national education policy, India is planning to start new institutes of technology abroad.

“The national education policy has also opened up specialised technical courses in premier Indian colleges and universities for foreign students. Jamaican students should take advantage of this opportunity by studying at some of the best institutions respected globally, charging only a fraction of the cost compared to Western institutions,” he said.

The President was addressing a joint sitting of the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday (May 17), which was held as part of activities during his four-day State visit to Jamaica.

He said that India is ready to partner with Jamaica and share technical skills, knowledge and expertise in transforming the island’s education and businesses.

He noted that many Jamaican businesses already source software and technical support from technology companies based in India.

President Kovind said that the island’s strategic position in the vicinity of some of the largest global economies and its talented pool of English-speaking youth, provide the island with an excellent opportunity to become a knowledge highway and benefit from the fourth industrial revolution.

In addition, he pointed out that India and Jamaica are already cooperating on the international solar alliance for reducing the carbon footprint, and there is also great potential for partnering in the railways and agricultural sectors.

Meanwhile, the President praised Jamaica for setting an example by appointing a female Chief of Defence Staff.

“It is heartening to see that Jamaica has adhered to the ideals of democracy in letter and spirit since its Independence 60 years ago. With an increasing role of women in public spheres, Jamaica is setting the norms for others to emulate. I would like to congratulate Jamaica for setting an example by appointing a female chief of Defence Staff,” he said.

Jamaica and India established diplomatic relations on August 12, 1962. However, relations between the countries began more than 175 years ago in 1845, with the arrival of the first Indians at Old Harbour in St. Catherine.


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