Jahvillani releases new video for his single “Rubberband”

 Mckoy’s News: jahvillani release new video for his single “Rubberband”

Jahvilani has put in the work from the year 2019 and been receiving countless hits the Dj has been known for his biggest hit “wileside Government” which was released 10 months ago, many other hits came after that  such as “Nuh Reason” and “Clarks Pon Foot”

The Wildside general uploaded the music track “Rubberband” 2 months ago. This one is produced by Chimmy Records own by Jordan, it as reaches half a million views on YouTube
Today the DJ releases a video for the single

The visual of the video is very clean and fitting for the song the “wileside fans” are very pleased with the work jahvillani as put in since the year start

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