J.A.H. to the RESCUE

There are few companies that live what they sell. There are few companies that understand the everyday plight of the average Jamaican or brand trying to make it in a market share not really designed for us.

Well let’s talk about JAH Financial Services and what they mean to the Jamaican diaspora and to the brown and black people who need financial literacy and assistance with keeping their books business and dreams in sight. Yes thats correct. Its more about a dream and a goal. Its how they can assist in making these dreams come true of you owning your own business or simply just being on top of your paper works 41k, Drivers license, taxing, auditing assistance with loans, grants and much more.

JAH is registered and approved by just about every financial regulation board. So Josett Hill and the team is there with over 40 yrs of experience to guide you through the process. Which ever it is that your eyeing. This is who and what you’re signing up to.

We are an MBE-certified financial and business consulting firm leveraging our credentialed team and over 40 years of combined experience to help business leaders save time and costs researching and sourcing capital and resources for business success. Whether you’re just starting out or an established business, with JAH Financial Services, you’ll finally get the support you need for increased financial security and confidence in your business.

With a head office in Hartford Connecticut they have been serving the diaspora on all these and being an embedded part of the community. Now they are about to open their second location in Atlanta. These area codes see the welcoming need for an establishment like this with home grown roots being the part of a greater structure and infrastructure. So the household wins which makes the community win which makes the country win. So guess its a win for all.

For more info. Go check out the website. Go check out these testimonials. And if you’re in the College Park area of Georgia. Go check out the grand opening this July 8th.

JAH Financial Services new location in Georgia is 1930 Habbard Ave, College Park, GA 30337

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