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St Catherine: Illegal Gun Seized During Lakes Pen Operation

Jamaica News, February 8, 2018

St Catherine, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Illegal Gun Seized During Lakes Pen Operation: Ralsford Hardy, head of Operations for the St. Catherine North Police, said his team has been targeting gang controlled communities in the Lakes Pen division in St Catherine.

He also stated that several weapons have been seized in Lakes Pen, but on Tuesday afternoon during an operation in the said area, the police found a Magnum 1919 rifle along with five 5.56 cartridges, three M16 magazines, two magazines, five 12 gauge cartridges and one glock empty magazine.

“So it tells you that these criminals are harming themselves, they are getting new weapons but we will not be daunted by this,” he asserted.

He said the police will be doing its best to rid the streets and communities of these weapons and criminals.

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