I-Octane Confirms There’s No War Between Him And Kranium

There’s no beef between Dancehall artistes I-Octane and Kranium. The news comes following a a social media tiff between the two which began last Tuesday after Kranium, whose real name is Kemar Donaldson, Tweeted: “Weh I-Octane find so much bad-mind friend from?”

He later followed it up with: “Damn I made a joke now im on IOctane badmind list.”

In a lengthy reply from I-Octane, whose real name is Byiome Muir, posted on Instagram:  “Don’t fi get di days when dem same friend song did a run di place and yuh come link me at hot7 show in nyc and mi tek off me arm weh mark I-Octane On it and put it on yours hand and make yuh guh inna the show as i-octane…yute adi same friend song me use and do dat fi yuh….Me never try style yuh r songs dem yet so how dis drop in yute.”

I-Octane insists that it was all just a trivial misunderstanding and took some time to sit with THE STAR to emphasize that there is no beef.

“Because a di whole Corona thing we had time on our hands so we did just a f**k around. We never have nothing and we still nuh have nothing. People nuffi buy in too much into what was said on social media. Is just that a man say supmn publicly so me address it publicly. But we good,” he said. “More time yuh affi make a man know say what is joke to you, is death to me. So him say weh him say and him maybe never mean nothing but me did affi make him know too say a di same bad-mind song dem weh me sing used to be your song dem,” he said.

I-Octane, who in his deleted comments said that Kranium was a one sided artiste, also told The Star that he actually doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with focusing on a certain aspect of Dancehall.

“Every artiste have dem lane. Yuh have artiste weh love sing bout gyal, some weh love sing bout gun, me bun out bad mind and nothing nuh wrong wid dat,” he said. “But when a man make a talk like that, him make it look like we nuh have every type of song. Me did affi remind him (Kranium) say him never affi put it out deh so. Leave that to the people because you as an artiste know about having preference. Most a fi him song dem a bout who fa gyal him a f–k and which gyal a f–k pan him and dem hit. My bad-mind song dem hit.”

He added: “Him make a post say it look like him gone pan my bad-mind list and me make him know say only list him deh pan a di bredda list so we good,” said I-Octane. So it seems there will be no verbal war between the two in Dancehall.


Source: Dancehallmag

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