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Heavy Flooding in Clarendon Causes Millions in Damages

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Clarendon, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Heavy Flooding in Clarendon: the parish of Clarendon has now suffered millions of dollars in damages resulting from heavy rainfall and flooding throughout the parish from Monday night into Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

Sections of the parish such as Ballard River main road as well as the large bridge which connects the communities of May Pen, Frankfield and Chapelton have been severely damaged and are now impassable.

Broad Leaf District, Green River Community and the May Pen Bridge are also flooded. Residents, as well as motorists, are being urged to proceed into these areas with extreme caution.

Mckoy’s News also learned that all schools have been closed throughout the parish, however, students sitting examinations have been informed to use all means necessary to attend the examination sitting today due to the fact that the exams cannot be rescheduled.

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