Happy Birthday Buju Banton from Janet Silvera

Dear Buju,

I knew that I loved you, but never knew the magnitude of that love until your release from prison.

You are not a relative of mine. I don’t know you personally, but you have done something to me that no other artist has ever done. You have given me hope, inspiration and renewal of thoughts. 

There was a time that I disliked you. When you sang  ‘Brownin’ causing fairer skin women to behave as if they were better than dark skin women. I am not going to say that you caused black men to think that women with lighter skin-tone were better than darker skin women, because our men did not need that push, many remain mentally enslaved.

I am happy you did a counteraction with ‘Mi nuh stop cry fi all black woman’, as much as it did not have the same impact, I respect you for that.

Having followed you over the years, I can say that you are phenomenal. You are a star, well at least my star. You have brought home that missing ingredient that was affecting our music.

I will never forget what you did to my soul when I watched you at the National Stadium. They almost beat me up in The Bahamas for you, because they were so hungry to get every note out of your mouth.

Like an idiot, I tried going through the crowd while you were performing and was blocked every step of the way. 

Love you Buju!! Happy Birthday. I don’t even know your age. How old are you by the way?


Janet Silvera

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