Hanover Father Who Murder His Two Children and Baby Mother Not Yet Charged 

Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: The Hanover police say they are now awaiting a question and answer session in order to lay criminal charges against the 61-year-old fisherman and car washer of a Cove Road address in Green Island, who reportedly chopped his two children to death and his pregnant common-law wife on Wednesday morning, April 25.

The investigators further stated that up to date, they are not aware of the accused having proper representation, but until they are aware that he is been represented legally, they will just have to wait.

The elderly man is accused of chopping to death his common-law wife Adanique Cunningham, 38-year-old unemployed of Dixon Wharf and her two children 7-year-old Jayanna Coote and 4-year-old Shanique Coote, otherwise called “Keisha”.

The dead woman is also said to have been 7 months pregnant for another man.

Reports are that shortly after 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, an argument developed between the accused man and his common-law wife, allegedly because the child she is now carrying was not his own.

We also learnt that the present baby-father also resides in the area, but was not at the location at the time of the incident.

The accused baby-father reportedly armed himself with a machete and used it to chop his common-law wife and his two children to death.

He was later cornered by angry residents who turned him over to the police.

A close neighbor of the accused man stated that on Wednesday morning, the accused was chopping his yard with his machete when the baby mother came to get both children for school.

She further stated that she overheard the argument and called out to the accused to just forget about it.

She stated that she was sent into shock after she saw him chasing the baby mother and both children and then chopping them to death.


Pregnant Mother and Two Children Chopped to Death by Common-law Husband in Old Green Island


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