Graphic Details Given of Pain, Bleeding by Jodian Fearon

A medical doctor has given graphic details of the pain and physical hurt to Jodian Fearon during the birth of her baby at Spanish Town Hospital before she died at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI).

Dr Jephthah Ford, medical practitioner, says Ms Fearon, just shy of her 24th birthday died on the floor of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital where she had been taken after delivering her baby during a process when she lost a lot of blood. He said she was on the floor of the hospital for at least 20 minutes before her body was found.

The medical doctor has been retained by the family of Jodian Foster to observe the autopsy and matters as part of the investigations taking place into her death.

The autopsy Wednesday found she died of heart failure.

He told local radio stations evening that the distressing circumstances of her delivery meant that she had a “tear from the top of her vagina to the bottom (anus)”. He described it as a “third degree tear.” Dr Ford said this is because of the delays that had meant the unborn child had pressed too far down and had “reached the point of no return” forcing the process of tearing.

He said “she bled one litre of blood from her vagina.” Dr Ford said the docket of the patient that he had seen indicated that the baby was in some distress while waiting to be delivered at Spanish Town Hospital.

Ms Fearon’s obstetrician and gynaecologist has already stated that the baby was in distress and a C-Section had been contemplated. However, during the period of wait and distress between Andrews Memorial Hospital and delivery at Spanish Town Hospital it was too late for the C-Section.

Dr Ford told one of the radio stations that Jodian Fearon “died a terrible death”.

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