Government Allocates $16 Million for Christmas Clean Up

The government has allocated $16 million for mitigation and cleanup efforts for the Christmas period.

In parliament this week, Prime Minister Holness announced these funds will be given to all members of parliament. These projects are a part of the Enhanced mitigation program, which is funded through the Constituency Development  Fund.

The government has allotted two million dollars for drain cleaning.

“ There are some allocations for small rehabilitation and patching(of roads). The program will also include drain cleaning of gullies and removal of blockages in critical drainage areas, ” said the prime minister.

He also stated that some of the money earmarked for better waste management has already been used to deal with the pandemic. This has resulted in solid waste accumulating in some communities.

“ Madam Speaker granted we’re going into a celebratory period in Christmas where people are looking to enjoy the season, not just with their family but to see that their surroundings are clean. We have made a special allocation that could contribute to the collection of social waste in communities partially in routes that may not be well served by the NSWMA (National Solid Waste Management Authority),” he said.

The government changes have been made to the National Work Agency’s flood mitigation projects.

 “ These projects are typically funded under the government’s capital budget. These projects are executed based on national significance regardless of any consistency in which those projects may be located. Madam Speaker, we will not be able to do many of those projects. But what we have done in the last three mitigation projects we have taken on Sandy Gully.”

The government says they will be looking within the Sandy Gully area, Clarendon and St. James to see what can be done in the interim.

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