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Goverment Creates “Scheme to Get Rid of Corrupt Police”

Jamaica, January 25, 2018 (Mckoy’s News_

Kingston, Jamaica (JIS) – Scheme to Get Rid of Corrupt Police: the Government is to introduce a revamped Early Retirement Scheme for police officers as part of mechanisms to rid the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) of corrupt members.

This was disclosed by Minister of National Security, Hon. Robert Montague, in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (January 23).

“The new policy is with the Commissioner. He fully understands the issue of corruption and the overall impact that it has on the reputation of the organisation, and has committed to begin utilisation of that important tool to hasten the transition of members of the Force, at all levels, who are tainted by corruption or otherwise are ineffective,” Mr. Montague said.

He added that the Ministry has identified the funds necessary to underwrite this activity and “we are prepared to ask the Ministry of Finance for more”.

Corruption in the police force remains a significant challenge…

Corrupt Police: the Minister said corruption in the police force remains a significant challenge, noting, however, that the vast majority of the members are law-abiding patriotic Jamaicans who work diligently in the service of their fellow citizens.

“But, there is a minority that is corrupt or will not do their jobs competently and are not being held accountable to the extent that they should be. As we have seen time and time again, the actions of a corrupt few often cast a long shadow over the good work of the majority of the hard-working men and women of the Force,” Mr. Montague said.

Photo: Rudranath Fraser – Minister of National Security, Hon. Robert Montague addresses the House of Representatives on Tuesday (January 23).

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