Gorgeous Granny Celebrates Birthday


Jamaica News – December 30, 2017

(Yahoo) – Gorgeous Granny Celebrates Birthday- people can hardly believe she’s 80 and has been married 59 years.

This stylish, young-looking grandmother is taking the Twitterverse by storm. Her granddaughter shared some photos of her 80th-birthday celebration, and they quickly went viral, with more than 85,000 likes and 22,000 retweets. From their pink-and-gold outfits to the matching pink-and-gold birthday cake, the adorable family is captivating people everywhere.

Gorgeous Granny Celebrates Birthday

The Nigerian family gathered to honor Gbemisola Allison Sonoiki. Included in the celebration of this milestone were her four children, seven grandchildren, and great-granddaughter.

Sonoiki’s fourth grandchild, Omobolanle, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she is a very special person: “She’s really caring and puts all of us first before herself. She’d sacrifice anything, even to her comfort at this age, for us.”

In addition to her birthday, she is celebrating nearly six decades of marriage.

“I like that her and my grandpa are friends; they’re close in age as he’s 82. Always fighting and making up,” says Omobolanle.

Her granddaughter says that Sonoiki’s secret to staying young might be that she maintains an active lifestyle.

“She still visits friends and has a store she goes to about thrice in a week for physical activity purposes. Goes to the mosque every Friday too,” says Omobolanle.

Sonoiki also takes good care of her skin — “I know she uses a lot of shea butter, and that’s basically her skin care routine” — and watches what she eats: “She doesn’t eat much, too. Never been big on food.”

Whatever is Sonoiki’s secret, it is definitely working.

When her granddaughter told her that she had gone viral, “she just laughed about it and said, well, she can’t see it, but she hopes her grandkids live that long and look young too,” says Omobolanle.

Here’s to hoping, and happy birthday to her!

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