Godfrey Stewart High School Gets Science Lab and Laptops

The  Godfrey Stewart High School class of 79 and 91 has refurbished the school’s science lab and handed over laptops to needy students on Sunday, November 7, 2021. This ceremony took place at the Godfrey Stewart High School, which is located in Savanna la Mar, Westmoreland.

The science department’s mantra for the academic year for 2021 – 2022 is, “Think like the proton always positive, overcoming hurdles to become the anticipated change.” 

The school followed through on its mantra and reached out to the class of 79 and 91 alumni for help with these projects and were rewarded for their efforts. Since the pandemic, the class of 79 has been touted to be very instrumental in school activities, with this venture being one of many.

 These projects were funded by alumni which consist of people who reside internationally and locally. The school looks forward to building a better relationship with the alumni in the future so that the school can benefit from their help. 


Written by 

Matthew Davis


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