Former Haitian Rebel Leader Jailed in US For Money Laundering Conspiracy

United States (Mckoy’s News) – Former Haitian Rebel Leader Jailed in US For Money Laundering Conspiracy: Former Haitian coup leader and senior police officer Guy Philippe is set to begin a nine-year jail term in the United States after being sentenced on a drug-related, money laundering conspiracy charge.

US District Judge Cecilia Altonaga handed down the ruling on 49-year-old Philippe who was arrested in Haiti in January just days before being sworn in as a senator, which would have given him immunity from prosecution.

After initially pleading not guilty, he changed his tune in April and reached a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid the possibility of life in prison.

Philippe confessed that he accepted between $1.5 million and $3.5 million in cocaine profits from Colombian traffickers for allowing them to use Haiti to ship cocaine to Miami and other parts of the United States between 1999 and 2003.

According to a statement filed with his plea deal, Philippe admitted that he not only shared the bribes from narco-traffickers with fellow officers in the Haitian National Police, but he also wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to the United States to buy a home in Broward County and support his family.

Philippe wired $376,000 from banks in Haiti and Ecuador to a joint account with his wife, Natalie, at First Union in Miami.

To avoid detection, he used the names of others to wire the funds to his account.

Philippe also admitted that he deposited more than $70,000 into his account in a series of transactions of less than $10,000 to avoid federal reporting requirements.

Contributed by Dr Colin O Jarrett

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