Flanker Benefits from Indian Association Gifts

Members of the Montego Bay Indian Benevolent Association (MIBA), in partnership with the Flankers Primary and Junior High School, delivered 100 CARE packages to residents of the Flankers community on Thursday, May 14.

The care packages contained eleven food and sanitary items.

The distribution last week was one of the many charitable acts of the association in the last few months.

The packages were turned over to the Chairman of the Board, Lennox Wallace and Principal of Flankers Primary and Junior High School, Collette Barnes, who were joined by their vice-principal, Maxine Jarrett, and Parents Teachers Association President, Maxine Thompson.

Ninety-nine per cent of the families of students who come here are without jobs at the moment because of the closure of the hotels that they rely on for their own upkeep,” stated Mr Wallace. He said the recipients were selected based on need.

For her part, Ms Barnes noted that the school has been working with partners to assist families of student who are greatly in need. She said that the school had started a small-scale CARE project; however, it was not enough. She said she reached out to a few partners and the MIBA stepped up.

Laju Jaswani, Charity Director of the MIBA, told McKoy’s News that the association has been on a mission to assist the Jamaican community in any way possible. They have, thus far, sponsored Laptops to the University of the West Indies Mona Campus students, through the Good Shepard Foundation and, also, partnered with the Le Antonio’s Foundation to feed 60 inner-city children weekly.

Jaswani stated that it has not been the first time partnering with the Flankers Primary and Junior High School.

Erica Barrows-Miller one of those receiving the packages said she truly appreciated the gift.

I think it’s a wonderful gesture and I have nothing bad to say about it. I thank the person, or group of persons who provided these packages to us.” She said.

Learning Battles and Innovation

Speaking about teaching and learning while the school is physically closed, Ms Barnes said that many students are being affected by poor reception in Flankers, therefore, some students are unable to access e-learning material to participate in online learning.


The school’s innovation has been curtailed, Mr Wallace said. He said the school is now exploring many plans to operate in a safe and innovative way amid the COVID-19.


Chenson Bennett

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