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St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- FIVE ILLEGAL FIREARMS SEIZED IN FLANKERS ST JAMES: The police in St. James says the parish has now reached its largest amount of illegal firearms seizure to have taken place in the parish within a month.The Freeport police have indicated that since the start of the month of September a total of over 20 illegal firearms have already been seized and this is the largest seizure to have taken place within a twenty days period in the parish history.

The lawmen also indicated that of a number of illegal firearms seized six are deadly high-powered rifles. Four of these rifles were seized on Monday morning September 25th, 2017 during an operation in Flankers community. A 9mm semi-automatic pistol and several assorted rounds of
ammunition were also seized. These large firearm seizures have come just days after the Prime Minister of Jamaica announced that the Government will be providing JMD 100 million for information leading to the recovery of guns and ammunition. The reward monies would be administered by CRIME STOP they stated and are not limited to information about firearms in the ZOSO- Zone of Special Operation.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness at a Press Conference held in Montego Bay on Sunday, August 4, 2017 and since then the illegal firearms keeps on popping up all over the parish. In his statement, the PM mentioned that the amount of reward paid out will be depending on the type of gun and amount of Ammunition recovered from the information provided.

The rewards have been increased by 200 % or more. Cash amounting to $150,000 will be paid out to the recovery of Rifles and Sub Machine Guns. $100,000 will be paid for the recovery of a semi Automatic Pistol and Shotguns. $75,000 to the recovery of Revolvers while persons with successful information leading to the seizure of Explosives and Ammunition will be allowed to negotiate.

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