“Fireman” Capleton Warns New Dancehall Artistes against Personal Lyrical Attacks and Releases New Video

The “Fireman” Capleton, is forced to intervene on the Dancehall clashes that have been taking place among artistes recently. In an interview last Saturday on the show “On Stage” with Winford Williams, the veteran deejay revealed his concerns over up-and-coming and established artistes blatantly disrespecting family members during their lyrical warfare.

Capleton highlights that, even though clashes and lyrical battles have been in dancehall since day one, there are still some unwritten rules and principles governing the contents expressed during clashes. The use of profanity and disrespectful terms towards family members, parents and siblings to ‘get a hype’ was never acceptable and if the young artistes continue on this path, it might be dangerous for Dancehall.

“Even when it come to clash; clash has always been a part of Dancehall from dem time deh…Dancehall is a competitive world and at the end of the day, man used to go pon stage and dem used to sing and dem used to do dem ting. It neva used to get too personal, no man neva used to disrespect no man family and sen’ up no man unda dem madda and certain tings…it neva get physical…nuh blood neva affi a run;” expressed Capleton.

While the “Fireman” acknowledges that Dancehall is an avenue for many of these new talents to make a living and fend for their families, he totally discards certain public behaviours and utterances which may bring Dancehall into disrepute.

“Right now, dancehall become di yute dem playground so dem jus a play. But mi nuh have nuh problem wid di yute dem because if a so dem family haffi eat, dem haffi eat a food…But on a next level, wi nuh really want nobaddy come mash up di music eeda; and wi no want nobaddy mek di music look like wi a turn di music inna certain kinda place…Dancehall wasn’t for dat;” said Capleton in his interview with Winford Williams.

Capleton is known for his high energetic and entertaining stage performances and advices these young Dancehall artistes to spend time bettering their stagecraft and delivery. He explains that the fans are not receiving the same sound, effects and melody they enjoy from a recorded song, in which they most times look forward to hear when attending events being performed live. Despite NOT ‘burning a fire’ on software applications such as “Melodyne and Auto-Tune” that are used to refine artistes’ voice and “put them on-key,” the “Fireman” is advising producers and selectors to be mindful of what they publish; in order to preserve that authentic sound Dancehall is known for.

In the same breath, the international Reggae artiste is still ‘keeping the fire burning’ among the new arrivals of “hot” artistes following the release of his latest video for the track “Jah Man A Pray To,” directed by Tinman and produced by Hon’y Comb Records. The song as described Capleton is a “spiritual prayer to tell the people that anything you want in life you can achieve it, you just have to keep focus, know what you want, have your direction and just go for it.” The track which is from a compilation of other songs also encompasses the reality of dealing with disappointments and oppressors and praying against it. The “Fire King” really stayed true to the roots and authenticity of his music that he never fails to produce.

He also informed viewers of the successful completion of international shows in California, Texas, Houston, Dallas and other parts of the United States recently. Locally, his annual charity show “A St. Mary Mi Come From” promises to be a great one as promotions are underway for the highly anticipated event which is slated for November 9, 2019.

In closing, Capleton reminds viewers that respect goes a long way and he implores up-and-coming as well as established artistes to pay homage to iconic pioneers who have set the foundation for Reggae and Dancehall music. He also express that the positivity in Dancehall music will always triumph so artistes should focus on making more positive music because those are what will ‘land them’ international and even global bookings and support.

“Your yute dem affi know now seh yuh see di man dem weh unu come see inna di ting, who set it fi mek it reach weh it reach, when unu see dem man deh a road unu fi show dem love and…respect…Dem yute yah need fi follow protocols…need fi honour and respect…share the glory because yuh nuh jus pap-out from noweh. Don’t’ mek it seems like it’s all about you and nobaddy else nuh mek no sense;” the “Fire King” Capleton added.

Natasha Williams- Writer

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