Family Opens Coffee Shop To Help Their Son Socialize, Now Hires Other Kids With Special Needs

Camden Myers, or simply Cam, is an unusual boy in many ways. At only 9 he has a passion and a small family business inspired it. He also helps other children with dis-abilities to overcome challenges. This March Cam’s family opened Cam’s Coffee Creations in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The coffee shop grew from a pop-up stand and selling coffee online. All this started with Cam’s passion to coffee and treating people. Camden Myers was born with a traumatic brain injury, which lead to nerve d a m a g e in the boy’s right arm. The condition makes simple daily tasks like brushing teeth and tying laсes extremely hard for the 9-year-old. As the boy grew up, he became increasingly aware of his drawbacks. Consequently, his self-esteem suffered.

The family had visited dozens of therapies, all for nothing. Cam changed four schools in three years but they could not provide the boy with the necessary social skills.

With Cam’s favourite hobby of making and serving coffee, his parents noticed the more the boy communicated and treated his friends and guests at home, the more confident he became.

They got the idea that working in their own business would really help their son realize he is a person of value and help improve his health.

At first it was a coffee stand working on weekends. Cam cooked coffee for customers, talked to them and thus practiced social and fine motor skills.

Three months later, as Cam himself experienced great improvements, the family decided to go further and open their own coffee shop to provide employment to other people with special needs.

“We didn’t start thinking we would be in business, we started just as a hobby to try and help Cam overcome some of his deficits,” his mom, Latasha Lewis told

Cam’s Coffee Creations served 100 customers on the first day!

In trying to expand the good they do Cam’s Coffee Creations cooperates with a bakery that employs adults with intellectual and physical challenges. BeSpoke Confections delivers baked goods for the coffee shop. Besides, the shop serves free coffee for parents and caregivers of individuals with dis-abilities.

At present Cam has a real breakthrough as his right arm has started functioning better. Besides, the boy became less shy and more independent. And, most importantly, learned how to provide for himself.

As Cam’s health is improving, he started planning to make the chain of coffee shops to help more people like him. Today, the company has three part-time employees with special needs and is planning to expand. It is the first employment opportunity for children and college students with special needs in Winston Salem.

“One day I will take over Starbucks,” the boy dreams.

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