Eyewitness Tricks Blackman says Witness in the One Don Trial

The eyewitnesses in the One Don Gang, who is a former member, revealed that he tricked the leader of the gang, Andre “Blackman” Brian multiple times. On one occasion he tricked Blackman that he was arrested in a state of emergency in St. James, said the witness in the home circuit court yesterday.

“I told Blackman that I sold a firearm to pay for my lawyer’s fee,” said the witness.

The witness who has been working with the police said he told Blackman this as a way of avoiding questioning for the missing firearm, which is one of two he gave to the police at the time.

On a separate occasion, he convinced him that he hid a handgun in his room, his uncle’s home in Kingston. He also said that he collected a rifle and told Blackman he was going to give it to the gun repairman in the gang. This is the defendant, Dwayne Salmon otherwise known as “Chemist.”

The witness testified that Blackman had sent him to collect money from a gang member in  Denham Town, Kingston to buy a firearm.

After he collected the money, he contacted the police he was working with, and they both went to Jones Town where he bought the firearm. There he introduced the police as his uncle and the gang members asked the undercover police to keep him safe.

The witness went on to say that he told Blackman that he was borrowing the firearm to kill someone.

Blackman had been complaining that he wanted more rifles in the gang’s arsenal, so he volunteered to carry it to Solomon and when they retrieved it he carried it to the police along with ammunition.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, questioned the witness about what happened after he turned over the firearm to the police and how the gang members reacted.

The witness replied he had received calls from the members about the firearms but they were not too concerned, as they were more focused on his safety. This is because, at the time, the police were trying to arrest the gang members.


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