Elderly Man’s Car Stolen While he Swims

Elderly Man's Car Stolen
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Trinidad (McKoy’s News) –Elderly Man’s Car Stolen: A pensioner taking a morning bath at King’s Wharf, San Fernando, was robbed of his car on Monday (May 22). 


Elderly Man’s Car Stolen: Sonnylal Samuel, of Diamond Village, near San Fernando, was in the water when he saw his car moving at around 6 a.m. The vehicle was parked on the coastline, along Lady Hailes Avenue.


He said, “I saw the car moving and I realised someone was in the car. I started to run out but I fell and hit my head. They drove off with the car before I reached.”


Samuel, 70 years, suffered cuts to his face, arms and legs. 

The elderly man said he has been going to that area along King’s Wharf for the past 10 years.  “I come here every morning before six and take a bath. It is my form of exercise. I never experienced this before. I left everything inside the car, my clothes, wallet, keys. The two men just jump in the car and drove off,” he said.


Police said several vehicles were parked in the area. Several persons ran to Samuel’s assistance.  One man said, “This is really disappointing. They are targeting the elderly people because many old people come here on mornings. They come here to exercise. I am very disappointed and something needs to be done.”


Last week, San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello told the Express that there was an increase in crime in San Fernando. However, it was not as serious as other areas in Trinidad and Tobago, he said.  Regrello noted that the perennial issue with crime was not only breaking the law, but how parents train their children.


“We have to be more responsible as parents and provide conditions and values that they can inculcate from an early age,” he said.  Regrello said the San Fernando City Corporation municipal police department was currently understaffed.


“I spoke to the Minister and officers are undergoing training at this time. Within the next three months, I am told, there would be a release of 50 officers,” he said.


Contributed by Dr Colin O Jarrett

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