Elderly Man Lost His Life in the Rio Cobre River, Flat Bridge

Bog Walk, St. Catherine (McN) – The Rio Cobre River claimed the life of an elderly man yesterday morning, as his Toyota Camry plummeted off the Flat Brige, which crosses the river.

The deceased is identified as 60-year-old Jeffery Angin of Willowdene, St. Catherine. 

Reports are that Anglin, while attempting to turn his Camry unto the bridge, to cross the adjacent river, allegedly missed the turn and his car overturned into the Rio Cobre River.

The Spanish Spanish Town Fire Department was called to the scene of the accident. Mr. Anglin’s body was found in his car, in the river – still in the drivers seat with his seat on.

Last year July 2016, six people, including a Bishop died in the Rio Cobre river, when their motor Vehicle careened into the river, off the bridge.

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