eGov Jamaica Limited Driving Digital Government Framework Facilitation

Jamaica News: Chief Executive Officer of eGov Jamaica Limited, Maurice Barnes, says the entity is spearheading initiatives to facilitate a digital government framework where major services can be accessed by citizens via online platforms.

Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank, Mr. Barnes explained that the idea is to allow citizens to become more connected with government service delivery utilising a digital format.

“Digital government is about open government, and the citizens driving what services should be delivered to them. So we want to get to a stage where everybody has a smartphone and is able to access information through broadband mobile services,” the CEO outlined.

He added that the movement from analogue to digital service delivery is more directed at the citizens and meeting their demands through the use of information and communications technology (ICT).

“What we find is that the more these services are becoming accessible online is the more that citizens will demand these services, and it will allow the Government to know just what are the priorities of citizens,” Mr. Barnes indicated, adding that the aim is “to get to a point where it is not just a privilege to be connected but a right”.

He informed that eGov is currently working on an ‘e-participation platform for citizen engagement’ project that will allow citizens to connect with the Government through a mobile application and website.

Mr. Barnes noted that eGov has now taken a citizen-centric outlook in terms of the systems to provide and develop. As such, through these platforms, citizens will be able to submit their issues and share their ideas to the Government and get some form of response and feedback.

“In the first instance, we are looking at if there are potholes on the road, you should be able to take a picture, send it off and the relevant authorities should be able to action that. Because it will be very interactive, you will see the progress or what is being done about the particular issue you reported,” he explained.

He added that the platform will allow citizens to give ideas to government and see what actions are taken.

“This initiative will allow citizens to see and measure how the Government is performing; it will show who the responsible entity or person is for that particular initiative and you will be able to track the progress just by going to an online dashboard… . It is a whole community online, where persons can give comments, like things that are trending, so it will be like the twitter for the Government,” the CEO outlined.

Mr. Barnes also noted that eGov is partnering with Tax Administration Jamaica to develop mobile applications to facilitate property tax payments, online motor-vehicle registration and certificate of fitness payments.

eGov Jamaica Limited is the entity responsible for implementing ICT projects across ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of government.



Source: JIS News

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