Earle Wants Work to Get Back on His Feet

A few years ago Rayon Earle was popular in Montego Bay, driving a gas delivery truck. But in August 2018 things started to go bad for him, as he suffered a mild stroke and lost his job.  Now he is asking for help to get back on his feet.

Born in Kingston, Earle went to Calabar High School and graduated with four subjects. His early years saw him working as a supervisor at Tools Hardware in Spanish Town, St Catherine, then after Tools, he worked at Harbour Cold Storage in Kingston as a stock taker.

The work in Kingston was slowing up, so he migrated to Montego Bay in 2003 where he rented a room in Barnett View. Then he got a job at Western LPG as a gas delivery salesperson. That company closed down, so he got a job at Halls Investments Ltd also as a truck driver. This was his last job until the mild strokes came his way.

He was married for 14 years living with his wife in Montego Bay.

With the stroke, there were difficulties in his marital relationship and Mr. Earle is no longer living at the matrimonial home.

He says: “I need some help to get back on my feet, I have a General PP license and it will be up in 2022, I need a work to work in a storeroom or stock-taking or to do a driving work, I have four subjects, am not a dunce, it is just a little misfortune reach me and I want to get back on track. Any help I can get I will surely appreciate it right now.”

He said most of his family members are overseas, and give him a little assistance now and then, which he appreciates.

876 826 3073 Earle


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