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“E- PICK ” is a weekly Saturday commentary post on, where Amber Crowl [Radio Personality, Host, Writer and activist] discusses music and an integral part of Jamaica’s culture and entertainment – the impact on our communities, the struggle of the Jamaican Music, and highlights of the success Jamaican has seen through music… Dj amber welcomes your talk back options and conversions, and comments on Mckoy’s News.

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Welcome to this week’s E-PICK.  2017 seems to be off to a slow start when it comes to quality music productions. I notice from last year that some popular producers have re-done some famous Dancehall and Reggae Riddims from, let’s say the late 80’s and 90’s.

Why is this? Is it because they are not inspired? Or is it that the computerised methods of producing music have become monotonous?

Well whatever it is, I have to say that something needs to give. Yes we love the good old 80’s & 90’s Reggae and Dancehall Riddims. We continue to enjoy big hits on those same Riddims, and they bring back great memories. But do we want to relive these Riddims again and again? I think not, especially when the artistes do not deliver songs which are as infectious as the ones done on the original Riddims.

Producers, put on your thinking caps and work with a creative team to make new, exciting sounds which will not only draw artistes who can give you big tunes on your Riddim but, who will contribute to the promotion of your production. For no way playlist is still loaded with music from years past and a few songs from 2016. I’m still waiting to hear what 2017 will bring.

On another note, it’s Awards Season in some cities across the world. Here in Jamaica there are a few Awards Shows which still exist. Among them is the Youth View Awards.

Now this controversial Awards Show has come under fire for some of the winners announced and this is not the first time.

It even got personal when Nesbeth did a video calling out the Organisers for snubbing his infectious hit ” My Dream,” which lost an award to Vybz Kartel’s “Fever” in the Favourite Local Chart Topping Song of the Year category.

Ok, so my take on it is that, in this case it really depends on the voting, as this is an Awards Ceremony which requires fans to vote for the songs and artistes who they want to win in the different categories. Both songs were popular throughout 2016, “My Dream” officially put Nesbeth on the musical map and inspired many people. “Fever” racked up over 18 million views on YouTube, was also very infectious and kept Vybz Kartel on the playlists of all popular Disc Jocks in Jamaica. Both songs were on local charts and received rave reviews from fans of both artistes.


So who should have won? Only the votes will tell, and will we ever know? I doubt it… One thing is sure, the general consensus of music lovers all over Jamaica is that Awards Shows seem to be missing the mark. I would like to see more Awards Shows but, they must be clear about how people qualify to enter, how they win. Transparent in every way. Until then doubt continues to shadow Awards Shows like the Youth View Awards and others that have emerged before it.


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