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This latest international collab is climbing charts in over 15 countries and has sold over 200,000 copies in the U.K.

No Lie is also receiving heavy rotation on multiple music stations in England and America, featured on the latest “Now that’s what I call music” compilation and poised to be a summer banger for 2017.

Seems like the Deejay intends to keep the momentum which he carried through 2016 as he scored 2 other big collaborations with the song “Cheap Thrills” which features the talented singer/songwriter Sia and; “Rockabye Baby” featuring the artiste Ann-Marie & the Band Clean Bandit. Both songs racked up over  800 and 500 million views on YouTube respectively. Both are now mainstream hits across the globe. That is significantly successful for an artiste who has been on the scene for like 2 decades. Sean Paul continues to spread the Jamaican vibe across the world through his songs.

Sean Paul, No Lie
Jamaican Dancehall Star Sean Paul

Sean Paul is no stranger to international stages, charts or record sales but what makes this new song featuring Dua Lipa stand out is the obvious Dancehall riddim on which the song was recorded, with it’s quick acceptance by listeners and viewers.

This speaks to an increasing trend of artistes who do Pop, Hip-Hop, Soca and other types of music taking on or imitating our Jamaican music styles. When we look at the many collaborations and remixes which feature Jamaican artistes; it is undeniable that Record Labels and Artistes overseas are paying attention to Jamaica as a source of talent and culture, imitating our art and even perfecting it with the participation of some of our artistes like Sean Paul. 

Some may say that our music is being “hijacked” by foreigners. I say it is being “highlighted” by foreigners and  personally see no problems with the fusing of talents from different genres as long as the finished product is good. It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and in the case of music, Jamaicans should be blown away by the magnitude of attention that we get from the world, because of our music and musicians. I had no idea who Dua Lipa was before No Lie with Sean Paul, so I could say that Sea Paul has introduced her to the Jamaican audience and his fans, and she in return is exposing Sean Paul to her fans and probably a new or wider market in the U.K. Either way, as long as both artistes agree on the important things then it looks like a win-win situation for both.

Congratulations to Sean Paul on another big hit song. From the “Dutty Cup Crew” days to now he has kept us dancing and usually provides the kind of music which lifts the mood. With 2 big hits coming out of 2016 and 1 to kick off 2017, it seems like it will be a good and busy year of interviews, shows and record sales for Sean Paul & another notch up the musical ladder for Jamaica. 

That’s it for this weeks guys. Thanks for stopping by. Join me next week for another edition of E-PICK.
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