Dr. Peter Phillips now receiving treatment Stage 3 Colon Cancer

The People’s National Party (PNP) is now announcing that the party president, Dr. Peter Phillips, is now receiving treatment for stage three colon cancer.
Phillips, according to the party, completed a successful surgical removal of cancer on March 23rd. A health evaluation from UHWI Professor, Terrence Forrester and Consultant Surgeon, Dr. Mark Newnham, yesterday, resulted in the diagnosis of stage three, curable, cancer.
The treatment is he is now undertaking is to ensure further preventative treatments in the form of chemotherapy over the next few months. He will be doing this in the capacity of an outpatient as he continues his public duties.
Phillips’ medical and surgical teams are optimistic about complete remission based on the worldwide experience of managing this stage of cancer.
The medical team is fully invested in Phillip’s recovery and is asking for the country’s full support in his needs for privacy as he enters into the next phase of recuperation.

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