Dr. Chang says JLP supporters in Western Hanover should respect beaten candidates

Jamaica News: General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Dr. Horace Chang, has urged supporters within Western Hanover to galvanise themselves around newly elected candidate for the Member of Parliament post for the constituency, attorney-at-law, Tamika Davis, but also respect those who had competed against her for the position.

He was addressing party supporters following the run-off between Davis and then contender, Lucea businessman, Andrew McLeary on Sunday at the Rusea’s High School in Lucea.   The two were among four who had vied for the seat two Sundays ago, along with Lucea businessman Dwayne Clayton and former Lucea Mayor Vasca Brown.

“I want you to respect all of the people who came for the Labour Party.  They were four good people.  Vasca is from the East; he was Mayor; young Clayton is a very successful young man from the hills of St. Simon.  Clayton’s mother was my indoor agent, if you remember – a strong Labourite, good man, honest hardworking.  I want him on the team still,” ” Dr. Chang told the supporters as he addressed them from the back of an old pickup truck in the schoolyard.

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“Whether you like to or not, Mr. McLeary did his work for the past two years – he kept the party together.  He did a good job for the Labour Party.  He must be respected.  No disrespect.  He is a good Labour Party supporter.   His father was here as an organiser for cane farmers when I was here.  It’s a good Lucea family, bright successful young man.  On the other hand, Ms. Davis too, young lawyer, bright attractive young lady from Lucea  who is doing well, love the people, work for us out here and has come forward,” Chang said.

Dr. Chang said 212 delegates had voted the previous week, 88 for Mcleary, 86 for Davis, 18 for Clayton and 20 for Brown.   He said the subsequent runoff between Davis and Mcleary was necessary as none of the contender had received 50 percent of the votes.  Sundays run-off saw Davis getting 129 votes to Mcleary’s 102.
“This week we had the two highest  voters and out of it has come one winner,” he explained.

“I will be coming back to meet with all four candidates, because I want one team.  I want to think that the winner this evening was the Labour party.  Both Miss Davis and Mr McLeary are good friends.  They will work together because the ultimate goal is to get back this from the Peoples National Party,” he said.

Dr. Chang also said he would also be returning to the parish to help Davis to wrest the seat away from three-term MP, Ian Hayles.

“The party central executive appoints the caretaker and candidate.   We got your opinion today.  I am very pleased with the spirit of the constituency.   It’s the first I have seen for a little while that level of energy in the constituency.  If we keep it together, we will win, and beat Ian Hayles,” he declared.

“Ian Hayles has done nothing for the constituency.  They are divided and they are dishonest and we can now work to win back this constituency and bring hope to the people,” he added.



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