Dillgin is a connoisseur of his craft

Dillgin is a connoisseur of his craft

Dillgin is a connoisseur of his craft. When it comes to being an entertainer the authenticity shines. He is arguably a pioneer in reinvention in regards to his career. Known and highly respected in his field of music, producers engineers and his peers are always happy to work alongside this creative soul.

“My life”, “sweet yuh up”and “Mayweather” are blazing on all social media platforms and the flawless and exclusively made videos are racking up high numbers on YouTube. Dillgin has worked with countless icons in the music fraternity dating back to the nineties so he respects the business behind the scenes and is balanced enough to still allow his talent to shine as a solo artist as well.

Dillgin resides in the states, however he’s A Jamaican in every sense and champions his genre of reggae and dancehall wherever he goes. An avid touring professional he has blazed global stages all over the world. There ar

e no signs of this talent slowing down any time soon as he has bodies of work to release shortly.
Let’s watch Dillgin keenly and support him on his inevitable growth and success in his musical career.
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