Desiree Gibbon’s Parents Reaction After Seeing the State of Her Body

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Désirée Gibbon’s Parents Devastated: Nothing could have prepared the parents of Désirée Gibbon for the sight of the measure of violence unleashed on their beautiful and gifted daughter, who they affectionately called Desi.

The parents of 26-Year-Old Désirée Gibbon arrived in Jamaica on Saturday December 2, just days after she was found brutally murdered on November 26. The Gibbons met with police investigators and travelled to the rural road in Anchovy, St James, where her body was found caked in her own blood.

On Tuesday, Dec. 5, in shock and obvious pain, Andrea Cali-Gibbon and Gairy Gibbon stood apart, muted on the street in front the building where the body of their child is now located.

Désirée Gibbon’s parents devastated: They had just seen the body of their daughter after the autopsy, their looks said it all – they needed personal time to process what they had just seen.

We are told that Mrs Gibbon, wailed in disbelief when she saw her baby’s disfigured corps at Doуleу’s Funeral Home in the neighbouring parish of Westmoreland.

“That’s not my daughter!” the mother said several times.

Andrea Cali-Gibbon and Gairy Gibbon, after Viewing the Body of their daughter Désirée Gibbon

Désirée who was said to a very kind and trusting young woman from Queens New York, traveled to the most violent region in Jamaica, to seek work in the city of Montego Bay, which is also the island’s the tourist haven in St James.

The venture Désirée made is not very odd for the Gibbon family or Désirée, since her father is a Jamaican native and her grandmother is the owner of a villa in Montego Bay.

“Whу would they kill her like that?” asked Cali-Gibbon. “Whу not ask for a ransom? Whу kill her so brutally?”

Police believe Désirée probably knew her killer.

Gairy Gibbon, we are told, gasped for words and exhaled, “Just tо see how thеу massacred my kid is ridiculous.”

Her parent will take her body back home to Queens, USA for burial and memorial, but the will have to wait until after Monday December 11, when the autopsy results are available before they can travel back to the United States.

The US embassy has assigned a forensic personnel to preside in Jamaica over the affairs of the investigation of Désirée Gibbon’s murder.

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