Dear McKoy: Offered $30,000 Per Month to Babysit, Should I Accept?

Dear McKoy: Offered $30,000 Per Month to Babysit I am seeking some advice on a situation I am dealing with. I am a single mom living in Montego Bay and I am trying to find a job to be able to support my kids.

I was recently told about a babysitting job where would I have to move in and babysit for $30,000 per month.  I have put everything into thought and realize it wouldn’t be enough to support my family and it’s not possible to take them with me. I need to know your opinion on this. They say a little is better than nothing at all. Please let me know.

–  Broke Mom


Dear Broke Mom,

I understand how hard it can be to support a child needless to say children. $30,000 per month is definitely not enough to take care of a baby, especially if you will be in charge of the child 7 days per week without time for yourself or your kids.

I recommend visiting these pages on Facebook “I Need A Job Jamaica” and “Jobs for Jamaicans”, they are filled with a lot of job opportunities. Let me know how it goes.

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