Dear McKoy: Not his Kids

Not His Kids

Dear McKoy,

I am a big fan of your site and I desperately need your help. I have been married to my husband for 17 years and we have four amazing kids together. Well technically, not together as they are not really his kids. The truth is they are my twin brother’s children. My youngest was recently rushed to the hospital for a blood related illness in which he required a blood transfusion. My husband offered his own blood but I knew that would reveal that I was unfaithful throughout all the years we had been married.

The issue is that about a week ago my brother was over our house while my husband was not there and he kissed me on my lips in the kitchen and my third child saw. I don’t love my husband because my brother and I belong together, we were meant to be together.

I am afraid my child might tell her beloved father what she saw. What do you think I should do? Should I talk to my daughter and see what she remembers ? Or should I come clean even though I could lose my entire family?

Response: WOW! You need to come clean. What you guys have done is put four innocent lives at risk. So many illnesses come through incest. Your husband doesn’t deserve this cruelty and since your brother is the father of your kids, he needs to raise them financially and emotionally.

You want to be together, go be together. Let that man go and be happy and you can go be happy. I cannot imagine what your kids will feel and go through when they realize what you’ve done. Hope your husband takes this better than I think he will. Sorry to be harsh, but what you’ve done to so many people is selfish, harsh and disturbing.

Shena Carty



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