Dear Mckoy - My man Penis is too Small

Dear Mckoy – My man Penis is too Small

Dear Mckoy – My man Penis is too Small – My man and I have been together for about three years now. At first, everything was okay as we were new lovers and young people both 22 years of age. As time passes things started to feel differently.

My man is very caring and loving to me and we are both in a good job and attending college at the same time.
Since we started college I cheated on him once with a guy that drew me passionately insane, he had a huge penis that I so enjoyed a lot more than my man own.

Since then I started to realize that my man’s penis is too small and will never satisfy me. I love him and I know he loves me. But I am starting to believe that if I stay with him I might keep cheating for a bigger penis.

I told him I think his penis is too small and he said he’s a late bloomer I don’t think I can accept that. I’m confused.


Dear MB.
                Very interesting story I must say.
I will briefly say it appears to me based on your story that you are more interested in the size of a man penis and not in the care, love or interest that man may be giving you.

I suggest you not be so hasty to jump out of your relationship for a bigger penis. Or else you may find yourself only being used for sexual pleasures.

As for your man claiming to be a late bloomer, YES it is possible as some individuals mature slower than others.
He’s only 22 years old and you never know how much mature he may get as he gets older.

All the best.

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