Dear McKoy: My Lover’s Girlfriend Found My Underwear at His House

My Lover’s Girlfriend Found My Underwear at His House
Dear McKoy,
“I am cheating on my boyfriend with his best friend. His girlfriend and I are also close friends as well. Couple days ago she found my panty at their house and called me asking to help her find the woman he is cheating with and said we should give her a beat down. Problem is I said yes.
How do I find someone to blame it on? It is not a simple task. What do I do? Or do I come clean to her and take the beating?
I am thinking of trying to convince her that it might be her own underwear.
Should I make her boyfriend aware that she found it? Or do I tell her that she should leave the girl to time? I need answers now!!”
– C. T
Response: Dear C.T, Okay. Please don’t blame it on an innocent person and get them hurt or discredited. I’m certain it’s difficult to tell your friend that you slept with her man and you are pretty unfortunate to engage yourself with her man.
I mean you are in a relationship right? And you seriously sleep with your boyfriend’s best friend?  You need to look deep into yourself on that one. 
So either confess or let her nag it out of him one day at a time until he finally tells her it was you. And since she is a beater, both of you should be prepared for a  whooping.  If she is the easy-going type then you can try telling her the “leave it to time thing.” – McKoy

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