Dear Mckoy: My Landlord Wants to Sleep with me

Dear Mckoy: My Landlord Wants to Sleep with me – I am a 24 years old Entrepreneur, presently living at an apartment complex in the new Kingston area of St Andrew.

I recently found myself in a little financial complication, which I’m almost done resolving to get back on my feet.

I was never late for my rent or any other bills.
When I was renting the apartment I had paid three months in advance.
Now, because of my little complication, I had informed my landlord two weeks in advance that I would be late for my rent this month but would do my payment in double for the coming month.

To my surprise I got home on Monday, there came my landlord saying he wanted to have a word with me.  So I invited him inside. Only to hear the utterance of this presumptuous man.

That since I was unable to pay my rent for this month, how about I give him a little lovemaking and quits my rent for this month?
I declined his offer and ask him to leave.

Now last night I got home he served me a notice saying he wants his place by Monday.

I am confused and not sure what to do or how to handle the matter.

Tash.  St Andrew.

Dear Tash.
                 My sympathy is with you. What I do suggest is that you go to the nearest police station in your area and explain your situation. In doing so they will be better able to advise you on the legal steps to take.

Do bear in mind that if you had paid three months in advance as you stated and this is your first late payment, you still do not owe him any rent.
But I suggested taking the matter to the Rent Assessment Board, The Towers

25 Dominica Drive, Kingston, Jamaica

Tel: 906-4100/906-1765

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Email: [email protected]

or the police and have them further advise you.

All the Best.

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